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Radio browser (shoutcast/icecast) plugin for Rhythmbox

Rhythmbox plugin that shows the radio station lists of icecast ( and shoutcast directly in rhythmbox. So the user can easily search for internet radio stations in rhythmbox and play them.

Icecast Plugin for Rhythmbox

This plugin is old and not supported anymore, use the plugin above!
This plugin for rhythmbox downloads the current list of radio streaming stations from and displays it in rhythmbox under a separate tab.

Pidgin OpenPGP Plugin (XEP-0027)

A plugin for pidgin, that implements OpenPGP for jabber protocol. (XEP-0027)

Radio Browser Board

A webpage for radio stations where everyone can contribute by posting radio stations or editing and keeping old ones up to date. It has a xml feed of all stations which is freely usable by anyone to use in software projects.